A long time coming, the new comprehensive guide to climbing in the Show-Me state has finally arrived! As climbing has skyrocketed in popularity since the last guidebook to our mountain-starved state, so has the crag development. Over 500 new routes appear in MO’ BETA that have never been shared in book form. This is by far the most COMPLETE guide Missouri has ever seen.


where to buy

You can find MO' BETA at the fine climbing gyms and outdoor shops in the map below -

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I'm a retailer - how can I stock MO' BETA in my store?

If you are interested in selling copies of MO' BETA in your retail store, please email contact@mo-beta.com for more information.


What crags are included in MO' BETA?

(Deep inhale)

Cliff Drive, Swope Park, Blue River Bend, Trappers’ Camp, Reed’s Bluff, The Quarry, Turkey Creek, Monegaw Springs, Warsaw, Bump n’ Grind, Raven Rocks, Capen Park, Drive-In, Andromeda, Providence, Wilton, Reform Rock, Peter’s Branch, Paddy Creek, Boiling Springs, Elephant Rocks, Scheuler Ferry, Henley, and Earthquake Hollow.


Some of these crags are on private land... what's up with that?

It's true – some of these crags are off-limits. It was decided by the author to include them because land ownership changes over time. Also, this is the first guidebook for Missouri in over 15 years; who knows what changes will happen in the next 15. Off-limit crags are included for historical information and access issues are noted within individual crag descriptions.


How is the Kansas City Climbing Community involved?

Other than getting you mo' beta than you can handle, another goal of this guide is funding an anchor maintenance project for local crags. This will be facilitated by KCCC crew and will focus on poor/old permanent anchors primarily found in the Truman Lake Region.


I have a question that you haven't answered.

Email contact@mo-beta.com with any questions or comments and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!